A message from the Commander
John R. Webb VFW Post 3285

Commander’s Welcome Letter:


Welcome to the John R. Webb VFW Post 3285, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our post!  Anyone on  Active Duty or any Veteran who has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, The Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, or one of the many Operations where hazardous duty pay, or a campaign medal was awarded is eligible to join the VFW.  In addition, we have a Men’s and Ladies Auxiliary that would be available to eligible family members and we would love to have you join.  If this is your first VFW Post or you are a transfer, it is our desire to make this your permanent “Home” as a Veteran.


I would like to invite you to attend a General Membership meeting as soon as you become a member.  Our Monthly General Membership meeting, is held the 1st  Monday of each month, at 7:00PM.  We will ask you for a brief introduction about your military experience, your family, and to tell us about any goals you may have through our organization.


Uniquely, we have available to the membership one of the very few Golf Courses at VFWs across the Nation and have a discounted membership for VFW Members.  We also have a lounge (canteen) and the Resturant Capital Crave on our upper floor for dining.  There are incredible activites in these areas and we are excited about our future.


If you are interested in a Sponsor/Mentor, please contact the Commander at 301-473-8141 or email the Post Quartermaster at VFWPost3285@comcast.net with VFW in the Subject line, and you will be contacted.



Hugh M. Warner

Post Commander







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